Why waste time toggling from Podio and Gmail, when you can work on both platforms straight from your Gmail.

Gmail Podio Sidebar

Access Podio details from the Gmail sidebar while reading emails. A great way to show notes and extended details about your contacts across your team as this sidebar is capable of displaying any of the standard Podio fields.

Why you need this? Because employees in today’s digital enterprise are only as good as the information they can rapidly and efficiently access.

Email Sync to Podio

Sync any email you send or receive into Podio in one click. Copied email will be added to Podio as a comment on the relevant item. There's also a Comment Form on the Gmail Podio Sidebar which you can use to add any comment on a relevant Podio Item. This will increase productivity as the need to toggle from Gmail to Podio decreases.

Add New Item Button

When no item is found for your Gmail contact, you can easily add it as a new item in your designated Podio app in just one click.